Annual Report 2012


Corporate social responsibility is a reflection of the Group’s voluntary commitment to community development, which implies a responsibility to business partners, employees and local residents. The Group’s companies make valuable contribution in community development by implementing integrated social programmes and charitable giving. Social and charitable programmes are implemented with maximum transparency and based on the principles of cost efficiency.

Acron Group is involved in development of the regions where it has a presence
Social programmes   Charity programmes

Social and economic development and modernisation:

  • health care facilities;
  • municipal facilities;
  • educational establishments.

Support for culture, science and sports:

  • creative personalities and teams;
  • theatres and museums;
  • sports teams;
  • public sports organisations.

Assistance in promoting a mature civil society and support for:

  • public organisations of veterans;
  • public youth organisations;
  • public organisations of the disabled.

Targeted assistance for vulnerable members of society:

  • retirees, the disabled, large families and other disadvantaged categories;
  • socially oriented organisations;
  • religious organisations.

Key measures

Under the social and economic cooperation agreement between the Veliky Novgorod administration and Acron, the Company is actively involved in development in the Novgorod region, donating funds annually to improve social facilities and organise festival events for local residents. Acron also participates in regional charity programmes. In 2012, the Company’s charitable giving was focused on assistance for kindergartens and vocational schools in Veliky Novgorod. In the reporting year, the Company also donated to Good Cause, an accident, natural disaster and emergency relief fund.

Dorogobuzh participates in different charity programmes on a regular basis. In 2012, the Company devoted funds to the event held by Smolensk-region non-profit organisation called Family for its Happy Childhood for Every Child. As usual, the Company provided assistance to the War Veterans Association and the local administration to celebrate Dorogobuzh Town Day. The Company also sponsored reconstruction of a number of municipal facilities.

Under an agreement with the Kirovsk administration, NWPC actively participates in the social and economic development and improvement of municipal facilities in Kirovsk and Koashva. The Company invests in the repair of key infrastructure in Kirovsk, helps purchase up-to-date equipment for healthcare institutions, educational and cultural establishments and initiates charitable giving. NWPC aims to enhance life in Koashva and make it attractive to newcomers. The Company also sponsors sports and cultural events and is involved in various charitable projects in Apatity.

In 2012, Hongri Acron provided financial assistance to the Linyi administration in organising the Town Day celebration. The Company also allocated money for Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day celebrations. Also in the reporting year, charity support was provided to local defence forces and collective self-defence troops.

In 2012, the Group’s charity expenses totalled RUB 279 million.

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