Annual Report 2012

Our Group

Leading position

We are a global player in the fertiliser market:

  • Second largest company globally by NPK production capacity;
  • 60 countries purchase the Group’s products;
  • 5.9 million tonnes of commercial output per year.

Consistent strategy

We have an ambitious development strategy aimed at creating independent resource base. In 2012, after commissioning of the Oleniy Ruchey mine, the Group increased its vertical integration by adding its own phosphate to nitrogen raw materials. Construction of the potash mine commenced.


Strong financial results

We have consistently strong financial performance:

  • Revenue increased 9% to RUB 71.1 billion;
  • EBITDA – RUB 19.9 billion;
  • EBITDA margin – 28%;
  • Net profit – RUB 14.9 billion.

Robust industry

Our industry has attractive fundamentals, namely growing world population and living standards with decreasing arable lands, resulting in continuous increase in fertiliser application.


Effective corporate responsibility

We are a responsible employer for over 15,000 employees.


Our business

We are sustaining value creation by operating
an effective, vertically integrated business model.



The Group is in the process of creating an independent phosphate and potash raw material base by developing new deposits in Russia and Canada. The Group’s first mining and processing complex commenced production of phosphates in 2012.

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Three facilities produce a wide variety of nitrogen and complex fertilisers with ammonia being the cornerstone of production. Total fertiliser and industrial product capacity is nearly 6 million tonnes.

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Three Baltic Sea port terminals (with a total shipping capacity for various cargoes of 5 million tpa) and a fleet of 2,500 railroad cars and rail freight containers.

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Two sales networks in Russia and China and two international trading companies in Switzerland and the US. Sales in 60 countries.

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Financial investments


Significant stakes in two liquid assets, Uralkali (Russia) and Azoty Tarnow (Poland), contribute strongly to the Group’s shareholder value.

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Share of Group’s assets

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