Annual Report 2012

Strategy in action

Investing for continued growth

Since 2005, Acron Group has pursued a vertical integration strategy to encompass raw material production, efficient processing capacity, logistics and sales. The total value of our 2005–2020 enhanced investment programme is USD 5 billion, of which USD 2 billion has been invested to date.



New business segment

Nutrient output (in terms of nutrient), mt

Nitrogen 2.1


Phosphates 0.8


Potash 1.2



Proportion of nutrient in the total output of the Group

  N 51%
  P2O5 20%
  K2O 29%

Proportion of nutrient in the total global output

  N 61%
  P2O5 23%
  K2O 16%

Key factors for success

  1. Clear development and thorough implementation of the strategy to secure the stability and transparency of the Company's opportunities.
  2. Detailed examination of all new projects: prospects, sources of financing, market demand for products.
  1. Professional team with vast experience in management, revamping and construction of production capacity.
  2. Balanced financial policy to preserve corporate stability under high capital expenditure: incremental implementation of the investment programme and use of an extensive range of tools to attract financing.
  1. In 2020, Acron Group will have fully developed a balanced product range including all nutrients: N, P and K. This production structure matches the balance of demand in the global mineral fertiliser market.
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