Annual Report 2012


A clear strategy for creating sustainable value

We are committed to creating a highly profitable and efficient business with extensive growth and development opportunities.


Strategy graphic

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Own raw material base ensures operational and financial security

Nitrogen 2.4 mtpa ammonia production
Phosphates 2 mtpa apatite concentrate
Potash 2 mtpa potassium chloride

Vertical integration is the foundation for efficient and competitive operations

Mining Strategy mining
Production Strategy production
Logistics Strategy logistics
Distribution Strategy distribution

Lower raw material costs, ensuring sustainable supplies to processing facilities and boosting aggregate output.

Increased production capacity and improved efficiency, expanded product range.

Lower transportation costs and improved flexibility of shipments.

Diversified market outlets and mitigation of seasonal and other demand fluctuations in certain markets.

The combination of higher revenues and lower costs helps to improve margins

Higher sales through marketing of raw material surplus and expanded production of nitrogen fertilisers

Lower costs due to own raw materials, improved efficiency of production, logistics and distribution networks

Fundamental increase in Company value through transformation to efficient and highly competitive fertiliser producer

Strategy chart value

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